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Censorship does not apply in this platform! Your privacy is 100% protected. Your username, email address, private messages and extra fields on your settings admin dashboard, are completely encrypted!
If you find it interesting, you are consistent with your principles and do not want to be censored, do not hesitate to enter this community. We don't provide any data (sell) to a third party.
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To be able to use private messaging, you NEED to connect both ways: you and your follower. Nobody can send you messages if you both are not connected!
All groups have 3 options: Open (anyone can enter), Private (you determine who can enter), Closed (only works based on invitation sent by the group admin). You can: set your cover, your icon (or avatar), set description and extra description, use chat.
You're always on the go: see any change based on your posts. Who like your post, comments, who mentioned you (tagging).
Your own settings page: change your email, set your cover page, set your own mood and slogan, set your own icon (avatar), set an extra name (can be your name or a special one), extra fields (profile metadata), set your privacy (to show your followers and who are you following - switch on/off).
Set your own hashtag. Sort them by name.
Anything can be searched: usernames, posts, words, hashtags, comments.
Sharing made as simple as it can: pop-up with link, mail, on your page, other social media networks. You can even share comments!
Posting can be so easy: inline or over pop-up. You can post on your own page or groups (where you are allowed to). View your post in single view. Add attachments: image (10 per post, max. 20Mb per file), video (mp4 and mov, max. 150Mb per file), audio (mp3, max. 150Mb per file). Print your posts. Repost. Report. Make them sticky. Schedule. Expire.
Get everything from your followers!
You can set to receive newsletter, also per interval: daily, weekly, monthly. Or, you can switch completely off!
News around your country or others. Based on your language.
The whole platform is responsive as well, no matter if you chose the desktop version, tablet or phone.
A promoted function is available as well. You can chose to promote a post, be whatever you want: an usual post or advertising. Your choice.
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